RMG Imaging Artists is a software training and product innovation program providing opportunities in Multimedia and Marketing Technology for adults with ASD and other special needs.

Throughout the program, artists develop digital technology skills essential in the 21st century workplace.

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We know that everyone with ASD and other special needs has something valuable to offer the world. Many are exceptionally talented. All are worthy.

Our company fills a niche for those who are artistic, creative, and love working on computers.

Our company fills a niche for those who are artistic, creative, and love working on computers.


RMGIA offers two programs: Artist Development and Career Track.

Artist Development


This lower-level program is well suited for individuals with more extensive learning challenges, high anxiety levels, or whose interest is to learn for enjoyment. Content is geared toward artistically inclined people who enjoy comics, cartoons, drawing, creating characters, writing short stories, making slideshows, sound effects, or developing their own creative ideas. Every individual can focus on their own areas of interest and utilize that passion to improve their skills. This on-going program has no time limit. Helps to build self-esteem and promotes creativity.

Career Track


Basic computer skills are a prerequisite for this program. Professional level courses are taught in a relaxed, yet structured atmosphere and include Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Animate (Flash). This program prepares trainees for advancement to internship. Career Track training takes approximately two years to complete.

RMGIA programs provide many opportunities of learning and development.

Software Training

Artists develop digital technology skills essential in the 21st century workplace. They are taught professional level skills on various computer software programs utilizing college curriculum in a relaxed, unpressured atmosphere. These skills are then put to use in professional projects to give each artist practical experience in real-world scenarios. There are opportunities to become a RMGIA instructor.

Product Innovation

By becoming an independent animation developer, artists will learn to develop animated products for use by various agencies in need of educational training videos. New product advancements will be developed on an on-going basis, thereby enhancing the economic well-being and career potential of each artist.

Multimedia Technology

RMG Imaging Artists offers a wide variety of different technologies. This will help set a course for creating a business and building a future. Courses and subjects that are taught are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Animate (Flash). Optional courses are: Advanced Photoshop, Slideshow Video Production, Digital Compositing, Social Media Graphics, Digital Oil Painting, Basic Web Coding, and Image Processing and Editing.

Social Development

All artists and trainees are welcome to participate in Fun Friday, an evening spent relaxing with each other, playing video and board games, eating pizza, using the RMGIA computers for personal projects, and socializing with friends. We generally meet the first and third Friday of each month. Fun Friday is one of the favorite activities among the artists.


A primary focus throughout training is to build self-confidence, as well as communication and leadership skills, so that all artists learn to effectively work together as a team, helping each other excel and succeed.

Artists take pride in being part of a technology company that is focused on the future.


Animation opens up “The World of Imagination”

Do you like to draw or color?
Would you like to create animated videos?


It all begins with the initial line art storyboard.


Next comes the color rendering to bring out the art.


The final step is to animate the art to bring it to life.

The process of animation is a process of giving life, of literally taking the inanimate and making it animate.

The video animations that are created can be used in so many ways.

Animation in Education

After completion of RMG Imaging Artists' computer software training, artists are offered opportunities to create professional animated educational videos that are sold to various clients for use in staff training, as well as many other needs. These educational animations are created for the purpose of making learning more interactive and interesting for adults and children. Products are packaged in a variety of unique, innovative concepts. The possibilities are endless and exciting!

We keep moving forward, opening new doors and doing new things, because we're curious, and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.Walt Disney


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