RMG Technologies is a virtual reality and software training program providing opportunities in multimedia technology for adults with ASD and other special needs.

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We know that everyone with ASD and other special needs has something valuable to offer the world. Many are exceptionally talented. All are worthy.

Our company fills a niche for those who are artistic, creative, and love working on computers.

Our company fills a niche for those who are artistic, creative, and love working on computers.


Virtual Reality

The RMG Virtual Reality program is designed to allow each explorer the opportunity to achieve their own level of success. Through a series of virtual reality games and with guided assistance, explorers will work to overcome challenges, face obstacles, develop stronger social and communication skills, work with others, find a niche, pursue interests, and build confidence and self-esteem. Once the games have been completed, explorers can then move on to The Game of Life.

Software Training

The software training program is designed for Multimedia and Marketing Technology for adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Courses and subjects taught are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Animate (Flash), and 3D Modeling. Basic Web Coding if offered as an optional course. Throughout the program, artists develop digital technology skills essential in the 21st century workplace.

RMG Technologies provide many opportunities for learning and development.

Multimedia Knowledge

RMG Technologies offers a wide variety of computer software programs. Multimedia is a system of relaying information or entertainment that includes many different forms of communication. The more information acquired makes a person more versitle and the overall knowledge gained will help set a course for building a future.

Social Development

All artists and trainees are welcome to participate in Fun Friday, an evening spent relaxing with each other, playing video and board games, eating pizza, using the RMGIA computers for personal projects, and socializing with friends. We generally meet the first and third Friday of each month. Fun Friday is one of the favorite activities among the artists.


A primary focus throughout training is to build self-confidence, as well as communication and leadership skills, so that all artists learn to effectively work together as a team, helping each other excel and succeed.

Artists take pride in being part of a technology company that is focused on the future.


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