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RMG Imaging Artists is a software training and networking program providing opportunities in Multimedia and Marketing Technology for adults with ASD and other special needs. Throughout the program, artists develop digital technology skills essential in the 21st century workplace. RMG Imaging Artists offers the opportunity for each artist to have their own online storefront, thereby enhancing their economic well-being and career potential. Artists are able to sell a variety of multimedia services and their own custom-made products through the RMG Imaging Artists Market Space network.

Visit our NEW website addition, “Market Space”, to see the exciting products and services we offer, as well as participating Market Space artists at

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RMG Imaging Artists knows that everyone with ASD and other special needs has something valuable to offer the world. Many are exceptionally talented. All are worthy. Our company fills a niche for those who are artistic, creative, and love working on computers.

A behind the scenes look at creating a slideshow, from photography to postproduction, by the team at RMG Imaging Artists. All artists at RMGIA are on the autism spectrum.

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